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Please Note: The events listed in this section are only for TVME members.


MAY CLUBNIGHT                                                                                                                              MAY 13th   The May evening is a trip to the Police and Fire Brigade Museum that is housed in the upper floors of Southampton Aviation museum. Both of the museums will be available to us. We will leave Romsey bus station at 6.00pm sharp and travel in a vintage Routemaster double decker bus to the museums where light refreshments will be provided by the museum staff. We hope to return to Romsey bus station for around 9.15pm giving us about two hours in the museum. The cost for the evening will be £12.50 per head. 
HILLIER’S GARDENS                                                                                                                  SPRING BANK HOLIDAY MAY 27th  2019 

TVME have been given exclusivity to exhibit vehicles at Hillier’s Gardens on the 27 May 2019. The driver, plus one passenger, will be issued with a sticker enabling free entry into the gardens. Vehicles would be expected to arrive at the Hillier car park at 9.15am.  It is proposed that some vehicles will be exhibited on the vista, an area in front of the café and entrance into the gardens and a further number of vehicles will be marshalled elsewhere within the gardens, possibly in front of Jermyns House if the building works have been completed.  Vehicles may well be parked on running boards to protect the grass. We will be marshalled out of the gardens together between 3.30-4pm

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